Collaboration 7: Rosemary and Honey Sour (Lines vs Brasserie Iron vs Brasserie L’Excuse)

During our excursion to the Toulouse Beer festival last week, we decided to visit the small but exciting brewery Brasserie L’excuse in Mauvezin to produce an exciting brew with 2 up and coming craft French brewers L’excuse and Brasserie Iron

Duncan and the two French breweries spend a solid day prepping the beer the we had been discussing with both breweries for the past few weeks. The beer was kettle soured after a decoction mash (see below). Final steeping in the kettle included rosemary thyme lemon-yellow vervain, a bit like a detox-beer?

The beer was conditioned with around 40kg of honey and aged in smoked thyme and hibiscus.

This interesting brew will be released in around Christmas time!

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