Craft Beer Rising 2018, Lines Brew Co

A tiny and irrelevant, but honest review of our CBR:

This year was our first step into the smoke of London and we were very excited to be involved… In fact, So excited that we decided to celebrate the night before! There softly lay our first problem…. We missed the start! We’re SO Rock and Roll (bunch of muppets)

However, on arrival mid trade session (with a little help from the friendly CBR staff), we located our pallet and chalked up our stand

The beers on offer were the last of our citrus blend (lactobacillus/ grisette blend), Brux on ekuanot (Trois Dame collab), Catherine II imp stout clone and hop flux one (tart NEIPA). We had fun and the customers seemed to also!

Probably our highlight was sharing some blackcurrent oak and primary brett stout with old brewing friends, but to be honest the whole festival was pretty solid. We’ll be back!

It is now time to curl up into a pathetic ball and die for 2 days, while the world talks and worries about another changing beer enterprise….


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