We Brought Beer MTB – ‘Double Barrel’ French oak brett blend launch

This Wednesday saw Tom return to Webroughtbeer for another fun evening of bad language and beer releases, to what was a fantastic crowd.

Aside from educating Londoners about the Lines Eco Farm othos Tom talked in detail about recent and past 9 months of beer releases.

The beers tasted:

Line A – Extra Pale Oats on Delta Resin

Line A – New England New Zealand – New England Session

Line CD – Double barrel Farm Blend –Two brett barrels and a farm sour blend

Line ACD – Farmhouse IPA – Used to be an IPA… Now it isnt

Line FD – Primary Brett Imperial stout – Lactobacillus, brett and sacc in primary for 16 months

We cannot wait to return in the near future

Thank you for putting up with us!

Picture credits @YesZebra

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