Manchester Tap Takeover – Port Street Beer House 20th July
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  • Jul 12 2017
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Manchester Tap Takeover – Port Street Beer House 20th July

We come to to Manchester on Thursday 20th July at 5pm in Port Street Beer House to bring our finest line of kegs

On offer we will have:

1.Acid oats on citra 4.5 abv – blended juicy session, 6% sour blend, leaving room for hops and fresh summer tart flavours

2.Citrus grisette 3.6 abv – Lemon zest infused and pink grapefruit conditioned, this summer grisette was brewed using Belgian yeast then blended with a farm sour at 20%

3.Primary brett Imperial Stout 9.5 abv – Now 18 months old, the brett is really doing its work on this imperial stout, fresh lactobacillus, brettanomyces and sacc.

4.Double barrel blend 4.8 abv – 18 month french oak brett saison, blended with pinot barrel 6 month saison, blended back with 40% farm sour. Blended to give funk aromas of a thick lambic, but to drink with summer freshness

5.New Zealand New England (‘session’) IPA 3.8 abv – Just as it says, its hoppy, juicy, made from clean borehole water. Use it to water down and hop up the tongue

6. Double IPA blend 8.1 abv –  Release of Double IPA blend – The beer had a whopping 80 kgs in dry hop of amarillo, citra, nelson and chinook and was blended back at around 5% with our neutral sour to make the large mouth-feel more palatable.

7. Phat Firkin ‘Acid Mosaic’ 4.3 abv –  Oaty Session IPA, dry hopped heavily with Mosaic and lightly blended with a sour

8. Green line – Fyne ales collaboration – Last ever keg of this wild foraged mint saision

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Picture: Rare ‘Phat Firkin’ release. Racking Acid Mosaic